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World’s Largest Pizza

So they say. I haven’t made a thorough comparison.

Is It Just Me? Or Is This Ludicrous?

Thoughts on the “What I Wore” column in the New York Times.

The Sandwiches Eat Food on Kauai

We like food, and we like Kauai, so of course we did. (Companion post to “The Sandwiches Have Adventures on Kauai”–which we also did.)

Words of Wisdom

Book passages that jumped right out and spoke to me.

We Don’t Want to Be THAT Family

And you don’t want to sit next to them in a restaurant.

What Kind of Shoe am I?

I’m really surprised at how many people click on this link. Quizzes (and their results) are popular.

Why Does Susan Sarandon Always Seem Drunk?

I don’t know that she is. But, seriously, what’s up?

I Hate AT&T

To sum up the follow-up posts “More on AT&T” and “AT&T: The Saga Continues”: I won.

Fine Dining in Poipu

Oh, it’s there.

Traditions: Happy Valentine’s Day

This, like the rest of my advice about life, can be summed up as “Do what works for you, and don’t do what doesn’t work for you.”


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