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The Thank-You Bandit

Balloon release - 1

Last night we went to the grocery store. Baguette hates going to the grocery store, but she loves being there. And who wouldn’t? There’s so much to look at. She ran around (we are careful to go when it’s not too busy) and repeatedly exclaimed, “Wow! Food!”

While I checked out, Mr. Sandwich followed Baguette on her continued explorations. As I loaded the bags into the cart, I saw them standing next to a grandfatherly security guard, who took one of the free balloons off of the display and handed it to Baguette. And from across the room, I heard her trill, “Ten-tu!”

Afterward, Mr. Sandwich and I commented on how pleased we were that she’d said thank you (normally, this is a statement she reserves for the drive-through window). Mr. Sandwich said, “The security guard was charmed.”

I replied, “And that’s when she began her career as an international jewel thief, eluding capture because she’s so appreciative and polite.”

That’s right, Your Honor. My daughter is The Thank-You Bandit.

Photo by Jerry Downs, via Flickr.

“You Are What You Tweet”

And this, apparently, is me:

Courtesy of


I am not a runner. Now, perhaps you are thinking, “But, Tragic Sandwich, your ‘About Me’ page says, ‘I am a lazy triathlete.’ How can you not be a runner?”

Simple, my friend. I pick my triathlons very carefully–sprint class, short distances, flat bike route–and I don’t run. I walk. They don’t disqualify you for walking the run portion. They just eventually close the course. Fortunately, I have always finished before that deadline.

But I am married to a runner, who comes from a family of runners. They run every day. They run in pain. They get up and run on Christmas. BEFORE opening gifts.

And they run marathons. Mr. Sandwich’s father is one of the legacy runners for the L.A. Marathon, which means that he has never missed one. In fact, he’s run somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 marathons. But Mr. Sandwich’s mother doesn’t like the idea of him running them on his own, so for the past decade and a half, Mr. Sandwich has run with him.

Last year, the day of the Marathon featured 50-degree weather and a driving rain that resembled nothing so much as a nor’easter. In L.A. Fortunately, this year the rain came a day early, and race day was just about perfect.

But I’m still glad I wasn’t running it myself.

What I Want for Baguette

Self-Esteem Storage - 49/365

Baguette likes to stand on the stepladder in front of the sink and brush her teeth. She identifies all the toothbrushes–which one is hers, which one is Mommy’s, which one is Daddy’s. She gets it right every time; this girl knows her toothbrushes.

But our favorite moment comes when she looks in the mirror, grins with delight, and bellows out her name.

I hope she always feels this good about what she sees in the mirror.

Photo by Jamiesrabbits, via Flickr.

I’m Pinterest-ed

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Stubborn Little Girl



“Say ‘please.'”


“Baguette, ‘please’ is a nice way to ask for something you want. Say ‘please’ and you can watch Elmo.”


“I know you can say ‘please.’ I’ve heard you do it before. Say ‘please.'”


“Okay. No Elmo.”

Silence. Baguette then throws herself across my lap, as if to say, “If I can’t get my way, I will make it impossible for you to do anything but hold me.”

Time passes. Baguette gets up and decides to eat yogurt.


“Say ‘please.’ You can watch Pajanimals if you say ‘please.'”


Well. I guess we know who’s really important in the Henson pantheon. And I’d just like to point out: we won.

Now we just need to win 999,999 more times.

Photo by magnusfranklin, via Flickr.

New Year’s Eve, 2011: Looking Backward

Fireworks #1

This year I made two important decisions regarding this blog. The first was to take off the first two months of the year. While I’ve been blogging since 2005, I realized that I was losing enthusiasm. So I stopped blogging, relying on Twitter for in-the-moment thoughts and observations. In March I started again, although I still didn’t really know what I wanted to do differently.

The second decision came in July, when I admitted (to myself, as well as the blogosphere) that I wanted to use this blog to write about our family, focusing more (although not entirely) on Baguette.
This is Not a Mommy Blog

On the other hand, it’s not like I stopped writing about things I eat, at home or in restaurants. In fact, one of my favorite posts for the year was entirely about food.
My Favorite Sandwich

As a nation, we commemorated the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
So, Where Were You?

I made a decision about how to get our house under control–we’re not done by any means, but I’ve stuck to this plan of taking a day off once a month, and it definitely helps.
Filing is My Nemesis

I discovered Zazzle.
Stuff I Made

I opened up.
A Dream Come True

I shared what I think is a fantastic quote.
I Love Lucy (and Lucie)

I took a look at why the New York Times can be hard to relate to, regardless of one’s politics.
What I Wore

I opened up again.
It’s Not All Fun and Games

I took a look at holiday traditions.
Holiday Traditions: Roundup

And I took an even longer look back.
A Grownup, On Sesame Street

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I know a little girl who wants me to stop blogging and start snuggling. Happy New Year, everyone!

Photo by Camera Slayer, via Flickr.

And You Thought It Was Embarrassing

. . . when you got some stuck on your shoe.

But did your mom put a picture of it on the Interwebs?

Baguette’s First Sentence

“It’s got wheels!”

It’s an actual sentence, as opposed to a phrase that appeared about the same time:

“Silly Daddy.”

Mr. Sandwich points out that I have already blogged about this subject. Harumph. Silly Daddy.

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