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These are some of my favorite blogs. Check them out. Maybe you’ll like them, too. If not, keep it to yourself and just go read something else. It’s totally okay to do that.

Becoming Cliche

Mother, zoo educator, snake enthusiast. How can you tell I like this blog? I have a pathological, Indiana-Jones-level fear of snakes. And I read this blog. I just skip the snake pictures.

Blogging with Mittens*

Another mom who works out of the home and blogs under a pseudonym. Or maybe only Mittens gets a pseudonym. Doesn’t matter.

Crappy Pictures

The pictures may be crappy, but the stories aren’t. (I’m not even convinced about the pictures.)

Domestic Diva, M.D.

Cooking and med school. Recipes and stories. Good all around.

Katie is a Teacher

She is. Also she writes about books. I’m very pro-book.

Oilandgarlic’s blog

Oil. Garlic. Multiculturalism. Life goals. I like all of these things.

Sleeping Should Be Easy

It should, but it isn’t. The delightful struggle that is parenting.

The Bloggess

Funny and touching and awesome. Also funny.

Wandering Scientist

Mom. Scientist. Person with a thought process. I just found this blog, and I love it so much, I’d like to talk to its creator in person.


4 thoughts on “Links

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  2. Hi! Thanks for the link and the super nice words. I’m blushing here. You can totally talk to me in person sometime. You just have to make the trek down to San Diego and let me know when you’re coming and I’ll try to make it work. Or wait until I eventually make it up to LA again. We keep saying we’re going to do a weekend up there sometime.

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