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Cooking With Pinterest

I don’t believe in Pinterest guilt. Seriously, if you’re judging yourself by other people’s pins, then it’s time to step away from the computer and go play outside.

For me, Pinterest is primarily an inspiration board. I find things I like the look of, and I pin them. Easy.

But then, in my never-ending quest to streamline my day, I found a couple of recipes that seemed worth trying.

The Overnight Slow-Cooker Oatmeal seemed like a no-brainer. So easy! So oatmeal-y! So made in the slow-cooker!

It tastes just fine, but let me tell you, the cooking spray? Did nothing. I’m pretty sure there are oats welded to my slow cooker.

And the Egg Muffins?

Sure, they look harmless. And, after all, a friend did give me fresh chives. But again with the cooking spray #fail. I have no idea if I can return the pan to a usable condition. Also, they’re like rubber. I ate mine on the way to work; I can’t imagine that Baguette will eat hers. And I don’t blame her.

(And did I mention that I already knew that morning is not the time to experiment? But noooo, I’m going to make it work!)

Now I’m anxious about taking on other Pinterest cooking experiments–because while I really want to make this Chocolate Caramel Tart and these Nutter Butter Truffles (although I’m thinking about using dark chocolate), I can’t help but wonder whether I’ll feel mocked by the results.

What about you? Any Pinterest cooking failures? Or, more importantly, Pinterest cooking successes?


Bill’s Cafe

If you’re in San Jose and wondering where to have breakfast, you might want to drop in at Bill’s Cafe. Located in the charming (and expensive) neighborhood of Willow Glen, Bill’s offers up the basics and beyond.

Our table wound up with oatmeal, pancakes and eggs, and corned beef hash. I ordered the Eggs Cordon Bleu, a twist on Eggs Benedict with ham, Swiss cheese, scrambled eggs, and Hollandaise sauce, all served on a croissant. That was agreed to be the standout (lucky me!). And the coffee and fresh-squeezed juice were good, too.

But there were any number of omelettes, skillet breakfasts, and scrambles that I’d be delighted to try. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in San Jose.

Joan’s and Juanito’s

This morning I met a friend for coffee. But as it turns out, I was ravenous, so we turned coffee into breakfast. Our first choice was closed, so we walked a few blocks to Joan’s on Third.

Joan’s has long been a source for gourmet foods, and now they have a large deli counter and breakfast service. We opted for oatmeal with brown sugar, bananas, and steamed milk (delicious) and a breakfast sandwich of scrambled eggs, bacon, and jack cheese (reportedly also delicious). Since we were there, each of us bought some splurgy gourmet items as well. I picked up a jar of almond butter, which I keep reading about in nutrition and diet articles; a bag of artisanal (yes) marshmallows with toasted coconut; and a bag of those fruit-flavored sugary things that I recall loving as a child (you know, the ones that were shaped like little orange segments, etc). Verdict: I still love fruit-flavored sugary things, but the marshmallows are a bit underwhelming. They’re lighter than store-bought, but they’re not as special as I hoped. If I want to upgrade my smores, I’ll focus on the chocolate.

Due to some rather dramatic freeway congestion, I wound up driving home along surface streets. That took me past Taqueria Juanito’s, which I’ve been meaning to try for some time. Although the restaurant has a name which I find confusing grammatically, it is home to some really delicious asada tacos–tender and flavorful, but not so hot that you miss the flavors of the spices. Two of those and a small horchata, and I was out the door for under $5. That’s not splurgy, but it sure was good.

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