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In Your Easter Bonnet, With All the Frills Upon It

Easter Eggs

That PAAS kit has gotten more complicated. I can’t just follow the instructions–I have to choose which instructions to follow! Do I want pastel shades? Vibrant? “Traditional”? I’m not sure it really matters, though; the intensity didn’t seem to change much. And I’m still no good at creating designs with that little crayon. Can you tell which eggs have names or designs on them? Me, neither.

But it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest, because tomorrow I’ll get out of bed early, no matter how much I don’t want to, and get dressed enough to go into the yard and “hide” these eggs for Baguette’s first Easter egg hunt. I can’t wait.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Egg-citement (Updated)

hen house life

Last night, Mr. Sandwich said, “Oh, she needs to bring a hard-boiled egg to school. It’s tomorrow. Or Thursday. I think it’s Thursday.”

I said, “It had better be Thursday. They really need to give us more warning. We already missed Planting Day last Thursday because they didn’t tell us about it before Monday.”

You see, during the week I don’t have time to buy potted plants that can be replanted.

So after dinner, I went through her bag and found the daily report slips for the past several days. The most recent one said, “Don’t forget to bring in a hard-boiled egg so we can color eggs!”

My next stop was at the refrigerator, where I found one egg. I took it out and put water on the stove to boil. Then I forgot about the whole thing. So when I heard something in the kitchen, I said, “Are you boiling something? Oh, the egg!” and then ran in to do something about it.

At this point, I realized that I had never put the egg in the water. And the water was already hot. So I turned off the stove. Then I acknowledged (in my head) that the water was not going to cool down in anything resembling a reasonable time frame, and it did not make sense to start over. So I put the egg into the hot water and turned it back up to boil. Once it did, I turned off the heat, covered it, and let it sit for 20 minutes. (This is the recipe I follow for hard-cooked eggs. It works beautifully. But you’re supposed to put the egg in before you heat the water. So who knows?)

Seriously, this whole thing could have been avoided by telling us a couple of days earlier. Or at least not on a day when we’d each had dentist appointments and were focused on whether we should change dentists (conclusion: likely). But I feel good that I managed to get things pulled together enough to cook our one egg so that Baguette can color it. I’m kind of curious to see how it turns out.

Because our one egg was brown.

UPDATE: When I dropped her off, the white board said, “Please don’t forget to bring two eggs in tomorrow.” You know when it didn’t say that? Yesterday morning.

Photo by jamesmorton, via Flickr.

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