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Baby’s First Cast

This morning, Baguette could stand briefly, but still wasn’t willing to take a step. So our pediatrician said that he wanted us to take her to an orthopedist. The only catch was that he didn’t think that we’d get in to see someone within our network on the afternoon of a Friday before a 3-day weekend. He therefore provided a referral to “the only guy in West L.A. you’ll be able to see today–but he doesn’t take your insurance.”

Another exam, more xrays, and $315 later, and what did we learn?

Baguette has a hairline fracture in her left tibia.

She also starts swim lessons tomorrow. Fortunately, this cast can go in the water. And next week she can go to day care. And the week after that, the cast will come off.

I’ll tell you what–I’m glad we went to the out-of-network guy. I’m glad we didn’t say, “Well, let’s see how she does over the weekend.” Because if we’d gone to someone else on Tuesday or Wednesday and then discovered that we’d left a broken bone untreated for a week? I can’t imagine. But it wouldn’t feel good.


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17 thoughts on “Baby’s First Cast

  1. awww…hope it heals quickly!

  2. My daughter broke her leg about the same age – doctor said it was very common for kids new to walking. Healed just fine! You can barely notice her limp at all. (kidding!)

    • We’re pretty sure she chose the wrong route off of the bed–she’s really good at climbing up and down on the side (and at judging whether she’s got a stable handhold), but we think this time she came down over the footboard and didn’t realize that she was a few inches higher up than usual.

      She hates the cast, but clearly started feeling better as soon as it was on.

  3. Yikes! I’m glad the cast won’t be on long. Poor kid.

  4. (((HUGS))) the poor girl. how are you?

  5. Get well soon! It might help if the cast had some doodles on it!

  6. Poor bub! It’s hard when they can’t tell you whats wrong. I’m so glad we live in a country with NHS, there is no way I’d have been able to afford that and I would have had to wait. Good thing it’s just for a wee while.

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  8. Aww. Much love to you guys!

  9. The cast can get wet? Lucky! I spent 6 weeks in a cast when I was 10 – had to wrap my arm in a plastic trash bag just to get in the shower. Glad she’s doing better.

    • I know! And I’m so relieved that it’s only for two weeks. I was imagining the experience you had, but with a toddler. After a failed shower experiment last night, I think we’re going to stick with sponge baths–but washing her hair is going to require some acrobatics.

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