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Birthdays in the Era of Pinterest


The On Mom has a post about party planning and Pinterest that definitely is worth a read. As for me, I like Pinterest. I think it’s fun, and I use it a fair amount.

I don’t base my life on it.

See, my approach to Pinterest is to save and share things I like. I just want to look at them, not transform my existence. But I keep reading about how Pinterest is increasing “mom guilt” as real-world moms feel their efforts don’t measure up to the perfection on Pinterest.

Sorry, but I think that’s your fault. You shouldn’t be taking pins so personally.

Even in the real world, I’m apt to scale back from what I see. We’ve been to a number of birthday parties for our neighbors’ children and Baguette’s classmates, and they’ve all been nice. We’ve been to several indoor playgrounds, a backyard pool party, and one bounce house/ball pit/wading pool fiesta.

My thoughts? The indoor playgrounds are expensive, but really easy. So that’s tempting, because I don’t have to clean the house. The pool party was nice, but we don’t have a pool. And I am not yet ready to rent a bounce house. I’m just not.

So far, Baguette’s birthday parties have featured family getting together for a cookout followed by cake. We have not invited her friends. Our thought has been that she didn’t understand gifts, and she didn’t know what parties were.

Well, she does know now–and that’s fine. We’re not trying to keep the concept of parties from her. So when her third birthday rolls around, we’ll plan something more child-focused than the birthday parties we’ve had so far.

We’ll invite some of her friends, I’ll make a cake (if I have time), and I’m totally open to buying themed plates, napkins, and cups. I’ll even spring for the coordinating banner.

But why should I worry about whether it matches something on Pinterest? Baguette couldn’t care less, and it’s her party.

Photo by asleeponasunbeam via Flickr.


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9 thoughts on “Birthdays in the Era of Pinterest

  1. Love this As a Mom of two boys the pressure we put on ourselves is tremendous. Us Moms gotta stick together.

    • Agreed! I think it’s important to distinguish between what makes our children happy and what makes us happy. And if having elaborate birthday parties makes you happy, go for it–but don’t feel that you have to just because someone else does.

  2. victoria7401 on said:

    Im totally with you. Great post!

  3. Great post and I agree with you. That is the perfect statement “Sorry, but I think that’s your fault. You shouldn’t be taking pins so personally.”

    I love to see all the great ideas on there, but know my limitations and what I am good at and what I’m not.

    Kids just want to have a good time, it rained at Anthony’s bday party (family only party) and we all squeezed into a tiny apartment with a magician. Anthony had the best time and that is all that matters.


    • My parents threw great birthday parties for us, but the effort went into coming up with games kids would enjoy. They weren’t entering a Birthday Party Decorating Contest.

      Don’t get me wrong–my mom always made our cakes from scratch. But that’s what she liked to do even when it wasn’t a birthday.

  4. Why no bounce house? If you can count on good weather, the bouncy makes a very easy party- we did that for both kids’ 2 year parties, when their classes were still small enough to fit in our backyard and house. All other parties have been at an indoor play place, because that makes the party easy, and I don’t have to worry about the weather.

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