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You Can Never Have Too Many Jackets

It’s not just Kristin Wiig’s Suze Orman.

Nope. Baguette is obsessed with her raincoat. Why do I find this noteworthy?

  • All winter, Baguette would scream any time we put her in a jacket, no matter how cold it was.
  • No one else was allowed to wear jackets, either. She would pull my cardigan off my shoulders when I got home from work.
  • Summer is not our rainy season.
  • As suggested by the line directly above, it is summer.

So, really, none of us needs a jacket–of any kind. But Baguette has us all wearing them. (Except Wicket. Apparently the dog gets a pass, and I think we can all agree that’s for the best.) She will open the closet door (Oh, BTW, she can open doors now. Huzzah!) and pull down a peacoat for me and a fleece jacket for Mr. Sandwich. On Friday, she insisted on wearing her raincoat to school. (She also insisted on taking a bag of egg noodles with her, but I think her love of egg noodles is better suited to a separate post, don’t you?)

I missed the walk she and Mr. Sandwich took this morning, but apparently today’s favored accessory is rain boots. Which leads me to wonder: Why all the concern about rain?


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6 thoughts on “You Can Never Have Too Many Jackets

  1. WriterChickNJ on said:

    She is obsessed with rain be ause she has suddenly become aware of global warming and heard about the ice melt in Greenland.

  2. Bestie has been known to go for her rain boots a lot lately, too. Thankfully she doesn’t have access to the coats… And my huzzah moment came when I discovered she could lock the door. I fear someday she will lock us out.

  3. That is so adorable. With Dinosaur he always as to have a hat like his daddy. Other than that, he could go outside naked.

    Anthony is nervous about thunderstorms and will hide under his blanket on the couch when he hears thunder.

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