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5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around


How to Clean Every Room in Your Home with Items You Already Have on lifehacker

Save time on shopping for cleaning supplies.

How to Make Horchata on America’s Test Kitchen: The Feed

Make a delicious drink.

16 Deep-Fried Recipes on Babble

Also make some tasty food.

Book-a-Minute Classics on Rinkworks

Read a good book summary. Or at least a funny one.

Coolest Garden Rocking Chair Ever on Handmade Charlotte

Having cleaned your house, you can sit here while you eat your fried foods and drink your horchata and read your book summaries. And doesn’t that sound like a lovely day?

Photo by isthisyou, via Flickr.


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4 thoughts on “5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

  1. That really is the coolest rocking chair ever. LOVE.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I love a good horchata!

  3. A good list. An interesting read on Rob Lowe too. Just popping in from the SITS Girls and wanted to say hello and congrats. It’s quite a community. I am new at it, but there is a lot of activity around this. Nice to meet you!

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