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Things About Baguette Right Now

When she’s on the verge of frustration, she goes into her Karate Run. It’s her usual Stompy Run, but with vertical karate chops to the air as she goes.

She likes to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” but she only knows two lines, and not all the words to those. The result is that she sounds like she’s reciting a prehistoric incantation.

Bananas are peeled with the hands. All other fruit is peeled with the teeth. Including oranges.

She eats very little cake at parties, never asks for juice, and wants fruit so much that it’s hard to make it to the checkout counter.

But she will only eat processed meat.

She likes her pacifier to coordinate with her outfit, and will exchange the one in her mouth for a structurally identical one in a different color.

We keep telling her that the dog door is not a girl door, and she keeps proving us wrong.


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11 thoughts on “Things About Baguette Right Now

  1. Ha, she sounds adorable.

  2. Hey, as long as the girl can fit through the dog door, who are you to say it’s not a girl door? I’ll bet she’s awesome.

    • Oh, I’ll never dispute her awesomeness. And just yesterday she crawled through the dog door and stood outside waiting for one of us to notice. When I realized what that sound was and went to the back door, she was looking up through the window, smiling at me with her hands clasped next to her cheek.

  3. The processed meat thing! When Mittens isn’t in an all-carbs phase, she’s in an all-protein one. I literally just send slices of deli turkey to school with her for lunch (well, along with a banana).

  4. Chelsea on said:

    Please have Mr. Sandwich teach Baguette “Twinkle Twinkle” in Latin. Pretty please, for old times’ sake. (In case he’s forgotten:

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