Tragic Sandwich

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5 Things I Found While I Was Looking Around

5 Cinco Five Fem Vijf Viis Viisi Cinq Fünf Öt Fimm Lima Cinque Pieci Penki Piatka Cinci Pet Beç

A Very Model Halloween on YouTube

It’s never too early to start coming up with costume ideas.

25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist in English
on So Bad So Good

I think #23 is my favorite.

Seasonal Ingredient Map from Epicurious

I really need to buy some plums.

What Should I Read Next?

For those of you who miss the “If You Liked [title]” shelf at the video rental place.

Funny Underwater Dogs
on Flashsolver

Dog. Ball. Pool. Camera. Go!

Photo by losmininos, via Flickr.


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