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Childhood Dreams, Part 2

So yesterday I wrote about fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming Luke Skywalker. But as I look back on it, I wonder why I didn’t want to be someone else–someone who was smarter, snarkier, and a better shot.

Why didn’t I want to be Princess Leia?


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6 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams, Part 2

  1. Leia had weird hair. I’ll just throw that out there.

  2. Compared to her mother’s, though, it was downright boring.

  3. I wanted to be Luke because he got to use the Force and that was just cool. I distinctly remember sitting in a Bob’s Big Boy after seeing The Empire Strikes Back and trying to move the salt shaker with my mind. It didn’t work.

  4. Princess Leia is seriously badass. I never read any of the fan fiction or anything, but I remember hearing that the canonical novels had her become a Jedi after the movies. In my mind, if Leia as a Jedi was standing next to Luke, there would be no contest.

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