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More on Food Trucks: Grill ‘Em All


We finally made it! After a year and a half of following them on Twitter, we were able to match up our schedules, location, and cash with the Grill ‘Em All Truck.

They were just in Northridge last week, so I hadn’t expected them to be nearby soon–but a tweet caught my attention, and I found out that they were planning a trip to Reseda. We bundled Baguette into the car and sped off to the intersection of Sherman and Lindley.

Imagine my amazement to find four food trucks (Grill ‘Em All, Coolhaus, Mandoline Grill, and Meet ‘n’Potatoes)–and not one of them had a line more than two or three people deep.

We focused entirely on Grill ‘Em All, and I have to say: it’s no surprise they won the first Great Food Truck Race. I ordered a Waste ‘Em All (green chiles, pepper jack, beer-soaked onion), and Mr. Sandwich ordered the Molly Hatchet (seared fennel sausage gravy, bacon, maple)–with a side of fries for Baguette, naturally.

First, the burgers. They were amazing. The Waste ‘Em All is the best burger I’ve had in a long time. Don’t get me wrong–there are plenty of burgers I like. But this one was noteworthy. And the Molly Hatchet was also excellent, with maple that we could still sense after we got home. These are two very different burgers, both executed magnificently.

Next, the fries. I don’t remember the last time I had fries this good. Crispy, flavorful, salty. I’ve previously mentioned my love of salt–well, these fries were wonderfully salty, which is a characteristic that too many people seem to be trying to ignore in the interest of health, or some such nonsense.

Seriously, the fries were so good I had to go up and ask about them. It turns out that they’re double-fried in vegetable oil–once at high heat, and then again on-site to ensure crispiness. And you also get your choice of dipping sauce. It turns out that Baguette is a fan of garlic aioli, which I can only see as a good sign for her eating future.

If you like burgers, you want to find Grill ‘Em All. You will not be sorry.

Photo by davecobb, via Flickr.


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4 thoughts on “More on Food Trucks: Grill ‘Em All

  1. Great post, I gotta go to Grill ‘Em All now! The picture you took was excellent, and I like your writing style.

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