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The Peanut Gallery


I’m weird about peanuts. I know this.

Cocktail peanuts? No. Won’t eat them. Won’t buy a package of mixed nuts that includes them.

Chunky peanut butter? No. That’s peanut butter with cocktail peanuts.

Creamy peanut butter? Yum. I will eat spoonfuls.

Peanuts in the shell? Extra fun if you don’t shell them. I am serious. Just crunch on through that. My cousin got me started on it, saying it was a “family thing.” I have always wondered if she was putting me on, but it turns out that I do not care. I will teach Baguette to eat peanuts this way (once the doctor says we can try her on peanuts, that is). Then it will be a family thing.

Photo by random_alias, via Flickr.


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4 thoughts on “The Peanut Gallery

  1. mommysaidaswearword on said:

    my husband only eats the chunk. gross.

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