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I Need to Learn More About Photoshop

Here’s my contribution on The Bloggess‘s Juanita Weasel meme. I think the concept is decent, but the execution? Pretty lacking.

Juanita Weasel Bloggess meme

How come Photoshop won’t let me use bigger type? My guess: I have to create it in something else, like InDesign (which I don’t have) and then make the text a layer.

And how do I correct redeye in Photoshop 7.0 (not that Juanita suffers from that affliction, thank goodness)? It was so easy in Photoshop Elements, but the “big” version doesn’t seem to want to do it. At all. And when I google it, I get instructions I can’t follow, because I don’t have the tools specified.

It’s a hard-knock life.


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2 thoughts on “I Need to Learn More About Photoshop

  1. I wonder if you try reducing it’s size in Paint, before you add text? You find that square with the broken lines, drag it around your pic…then, using the markers, pull it in, from sides and corners, shrinking it. Click to remove the dotted-line-frame. Add text.

    Problem is, I think I tried this, and the text may have re-adjusted accordingly, and stayed small. Can’t rightly remember. Otherwise, adorable shot and image. ANd the small print works just fine.

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