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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Baguette’s crib is long gone, and the toddler bed Mr. Sandwich made for her now stands in its place. No matter–she doesn’t sleep in it, either.

The pack-n-play still stands in our living room. She hasn’t spent a moment in it for over six months. But it’s great for storing things we want to keep away from her.

When she started to walk, we knew that Wicket needed a safe refuge. Mr. Sandwich built a platform for the dog’s car booster seat (just typing that sounds silly and indulgent–but much as this dog loved car rides, she hated traditional carriers like she was a cat) behind the couch. Immaterial, now that Baguette is a champion climber. Also not necessary, now that Baguette knows to be gentle with Wicket.

The travel bed/changing table is still in the corner of the living room, now used for miscellaneous storage (note to self: that must change this weekend–cannot stand it much longer).

Some day we’ll have a living room that looks like it’s a home for adults. But not right now. We’re too busy repurposing baby items.

At least we packed up the activity center. Cute as it was, the only additional use I can think of would have been as a place to drape clothes. And it stood right next to the travel bed/changing table, so that niche was already filled.

Fortunately, none of this gets in the way of Saturday Night Sofa Bed.


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