Tragic Sandwich

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Stubborn Little Girl



“Say ‘please.'”


“Baguette, ‘please’ is a nice way to ask for something you want. Say ‘please’ and you can watch Elmo.”


“I know you can say ‘please.’ I’ve heard you do it before. Say ‘please.'”


“Okay. No Elmo.”

Silence. Baguette then throws herself across my lap, as if to say, “If I can’t get my way, I will make it impossible for you to do anything but hold me.”

Time passes. Baguette gets up and decides to eat yogurt.


“Say ‘please.’ You can watch Pajanimals if you say ‘please.'”


Well. I guess we know who’s really important in the Henson pantheon. And I’d just like to point out: we won.

Now we just need to win 999,999 more times.

Photo by magnusfranklin, via Flickr.


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