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Baguette Thinks Sleep Is For the Weak

At least, that seems to be her take on it. Me, I love sleep. I’m well aware that I don’t get enough, and would love to get more.

But Baguette resists bedtime, and does everything she can to avoid napping. Here are some of her tactics:

  • Yelling “Elmo!” as loud as possible, because TV will keep her awake.
  • Standing up repeatedly in bed, because moving and looking around will keep her awake.
  • Rubbing the ends of Mommy’s hair across her cheek, because . . . I don’t know. I have no idea why she felt the need to rub her armpits with my hair, either, but she sure did want to do that yesterday.
  • Pointing out whose pillow is whose, because inventory will keep her awake.
  • Staring fixedly ahead in the car when she’s clearly been exhausted for an hour, because thinking “How can I get rest without going to sleep?” will keep her awake.

I think maybe she’s in SEAL training.


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2 thoughts on “Baguette Thinks Sleep Is For the Weak

  1. She’s amazing. Inventory puts me straight to sleep.

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