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A Grownup, On Sesame Street

Let me start with this: I still love it. I’m a little bewildered by the monsters they’ve introduced in the past two decades (who is the blue monster with long, ratty yellow hair? I need a wiki that is photo-based rather than name-based), but I totally get why this was my mom’s favorite kid’s show. And I’m enjoying the chance to see Baguette discover new characters she recognizes and loves–Elmo’s her favorite, but not the only one she’ll watch now.

However, there’s one set of characters on whom I’ve done a 180:

That’s right, Bert and Ernie.

When I was little, Ernie was happy and fun, and Bert was grouchy and glum. As an adult, I have a much better understanding of Bert. It’s clear that he’s grouchy and glum because Ernie, while upbeat, is also batshit crazy. Bert wants to sleep? Ernie’s playing a trumpet. Bert wants to read? Ernie’s clucking like a chicken and hanging from the ceiling like a monkey.

So as Mr. Sandwich and I sit with Baguette and watch Sesame Street, we can’t help but come up with reasons why we’d rather be roommates with Bert than with Ernie. Sure, Bert’s square. But consider what that means in a real-world roommate:

  • Bert takes out the trash.
  • Bert cleans the lint out of the dryer.
  • Bert knows how to use a plunger.
  • Bert doesn’t leave dishes sitting around for days.
  • Bert makes sure you get your mail and your phone messages.
  • Bert pays his half of the rent on time.

Ernie? Ernie lets lions into the house.


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25 thoughts on “A Grownup, On Sesame Street

  1. Wow. Their relationship totally mirrors my marriage. Except I’m the one playing the trumpet at 3am.

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  4. That is so true! I used to feel exactly the same way about Bert and Ernie but now I see that you are right; Bert is, in fact, the roommate most of us would want!

  5. oh, this is priceless. I want Burt from a room mate too!

  6. ashleyinnc on said:

    BWAH! This made me laugh out loud! You are so right!! Happy SITS day!

  7. Excellent point. However, I always liked Bert better. My roommate was crazy, too.

    Have a great SITS day.

  8. Ha! I think I’d rather live with Bert, too … but Ernie could be the crazy neighbor down the hall and he could be my supply of wild and wacky stories! A never-ending supply of, “Just the other day …” πŸ™‚

  9. Carolyn {at} Hooked and Happy on said:

    Ha, this analysis is great and true. I think I’d take Bert over Ernie too!

  10. sjskill on said:

    Visiting from SITS. I love your blog. I agree. The only character that bothered me was Mr. Snuppleupagus. It seemed that they were teaching kids that telling the truth sometimes didn’t work because no one believed the kids that there was a Mr. Snuppleupagus. I heard that years later after my last daughter stopped watching that adults finally saw Mrs. Snuppleupagus. Don’t know if I spelled it right, don’t care.

  11. dutchgirloriginals on said:

    I could not agree more. Funny how that works…

    Happy SITS Day today! Enjoy the comment love, Hanneke

  12. So true! I’ve been watching this a lot lately with our two-year-old (it’s just been too hot to play outside when we get home in the evenings) and I often find myself feeling bad for Bert. Poor guy…. at one point he even has to give over his bed to Ernie’s breakfast friends. tragic. Anyway, Happy SITS day and thanks for sharing with us!

  13. nuthouseshannon on said:

    HA! So true.

    On the other hand, living with Ernie would make for some great blog fodder. πŸ˜‰

  14. Classic NYer on said:

    You know what? You’re right! I’d rather have Bert as a roommate, but I’d rather go over to Ernie’s for a houseparty.

  15. This is absolutely hilarious! Made me smile. πŸ™‚ Happy SITS Day!

  16. I love your style! Happy SITS day I will definitely be back.

  17. Stopping by from SITS. That was hilarious! I love that you said Ernie is “batshit crazy”!

  18. Too funny! I’m not sure I could room with Bert, though, because I’d always find myself staring at his eyebrow and not his face.

  19. This made me laugh out loud! Being a college student with a (wonderful) roommate, I would totally prefer Bert to Ernie

  20. I LOVE THIS. I’d rather be roommates with Bert too, Ernie would be kicked out on his furry butt, LOL

  21. I always loved the adult themes underlying the kid stuff. Made watching it a million times so much easier!

  22. Sheldon and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory are my new Bert and Ernie.

    {Stopping over from SITS}

  23. haha never thought of Bert and Ernie in this way before–it’s interesting to look back on childhood tv shows and see them in an entirely new way!

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