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Food. Family. Fun.’s Top 100 Mom Bloggers

I’m sure I’m #101! Right? Right? Because I’ve been doing this for five whole months now, so surely I’m qualified. Overqualified, at that.

Seriously, while most of these are unfamiliar to me (I read a lot, but not 100-mom-blogs worth), I do follow quite a few of these–and they are excellent. This list looks like it provides something for everyone. Which ones would you particularly recommend? Here are the ones I like (so far):

The Bloggess
The Happiest Mom
Free-Range Kids
Scary Mommy

Clearly I need to read more. A lot more. Curse you, lack of hours in the day! (Raises fist and shakes it at clock.)

And if you want to nominate a blog for 2012, here’s the form.


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2 thoughts on “’s Top 100 Mom Bloggers

  1. I would highly recommend Crappy Pictures…it’s hilarious and makes me spit up my coffee some mornings.

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