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What I Wore

While the column on socialite Muffie Potter bugged (a lot), I’m less annoyed by the earlier column on The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi–probably because magazines inundate me with celebrities and labels like the ones named here.

But it got me thinking: What would a column about me look like? Much as I enjoy clothes, my days of working full-time out of the house, commuting, and being a mother to Baguette simply don’t afford me the time to shop–even though there are some specific garments that I know would help round out my wardrobe at work and at home. But in the interests of accuracy, here’s What I Wore:

Monday, December 5
I had to go to work and conduct one last interview for a video project, but I wasn’t leaving my building. So I wore a blue turtleneck of unknown provenance and a black Jones New York skirt with kick pleats, along with my black Aerosoles Mary Janes that I think of as my “commuting shoes”–but if I’m honest, I rarely get around to changing into the black Tahari pumps that I keep at the office. When I got home, I changed the skirt for Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that I bought at Costco and the shoes for Saucony running shoes. (I am not a runner. However, we do take Baguette and Wicket out for a walk after we all get home.)

Tuesday, December 6
Baguette woke up in the middle night and vomited twice; all of us were up for about four hours. Neither Mr. Sandwich nor I went to work, and Baguette stayed home from day care (she was fine from then on; as we suspected at the time, it was something she ate). I haven’t the faintest idea what I wore, although I know that I did go out to Whole Foods at one point. Let’s assume it was a yellow and grey long-sleeved shirt I bought at Penney’s and the aforementioned jeans.

Wednesday, December 7
We had an all-staff meeting for my division at work, which included the video I’d worked on. (BTW, I am not a videographer; I work behind the behind-the-camera people.) I wore a lavender cotton sweater set, a grey Calvin Klein a-line skirt, and the Aerosoles. After work I changed into some kind of t-shirt-like top, the jeans from Costco, and the Sauconys.

Thursday, December 8
No idea.

Friday, December 9
I was not at work and feeling lousy, so I wore the yellow-and-grey shirt and fleece cargo pants purchased on sale from Columbia, along with the Sauconys.

Saturday, December 10
I remember wearing jeans yesterday.

Sunday, December 11
Still feeling lousy; I’m wearing the fleece cargo pants, but this time with a blue cotton shirt with 3/4-length sleeves and vertical ruffles around the buttons and placket, courtesy of Old Navy.

So what are the takeaways? Well, I have a small wardrobe, and I probably repeat items more frequently than I should. I am willing to spend some money on my work clothes, particularly staples that I expect to wear a lot, but otherwise I shop sales and discount stores for my casual clothes.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would probably hate me.


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