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Traveling with Toddlers

beef pan fried noodle

First, just don’t do it. We just got back from a Thanksgiving visit to family in San Jose, and it was wonderful to see all of them. But the process of getting there and back again was truly exhausting. Here are a few realizations:

1) We need a hotel with a mini-fridge. It’s great that we were able to borrow a cooler from my dad, but we didn’t know we needed it until we checked in.

2) We need a hotel with wireless internet. If nothing else, it would be easier to find the local channel for Sprout.

3) Breakfast bars can keep your child from starving. So can bananas.

4) We may need to split this trip into two days, rather than trying to cover the entire distance in one day.

And, finally–although this isn’t specifically a travel tip–pan-fried noodles may make your child go crazy. I don’t know if it was MSG or something else, but after we drove away from the restaurant, Baguette began chirping and babbling on what was apparently an endless loop. It was highly entertaining, but very out of character.

I’m sure it was the noodles.

Photo by “highlimitzz”, via Flickr.


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