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Tower of Clothes

So in keeping with my ongoing overhaul-one-room-a-month plan, I took today off. Well, originally I took today off so that I could go to the Halloween parade at Baguette’s day care. But as long as I was home, I figured, I might as well tackle the room I didn’t get to last month: our room.

There’s still some work to be done, but I accomplished my main goal:

This used to be a huge pile in the corner of our room, making it difficult to get into the closet. How huge? For a sense of proportion, please note the toy poodle in the lower right corner.


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2 thoughts on “Tower of Clothes

  1. I think this stuff breeds in dark corners. We do a major overhaul every few months, but the amount of stuff never seems to actually decrease.

    • Considering how often Baguette changes clothing sizes, that does seem inevitable. At least we’re starting from scratch, though! What’s sad is that the corner isn’t particularly dark. It’s just a convenient place to drop things “temporarily” while you’re sorting. Hopefully I’ve fixed that by locating the dog’s bed there.

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