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Pajanimals Redux

So Baguette has a deep and abiding love for Pajanimals. That means that when I saw that there was a new season planned, I thought, “Great! More than a dozen in rotation.”

Wrong. We’re two episodes in, and this is a completely different show. The Pajanimals have become frenetic, as if they’d broken into a Folgers factory. They sing and dance at a highly accelerated rate pretty much guaranteed to wake up any child you’re trying to teach about bedtime. And for some reason that hasn’t entirely been made clear (maybe it’s a dream?), they visit some magical cloudland where they learn to fall asleep with the help of an English-accented Bedtime Bunny, who may be a bit narcoleptic. Although considering how frenzied their energy is, I find it not only implausible, but a bit maddening how quickly they pick this up.

But I do like that Bedtime Bunny they’ve introduced. Where can I get one?


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