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Mom-to-Mom (or Dad): Lunch Time

How do you pack lunches for your toddler? And what do you pack?

Baguette is not a fussy eater–in fact, she has been known to enjoy a spicy dish or two. She’s starting to get intrigued by forks. That tells me that I might want to change up what I’m giving her–or maybe not.

Every evening (supplemented by most mornings), I cut up a variety of foods and pack them into an array of containers to make the short trip to day care. My latest theory is that the correct number of containers to own is x + 2, x being the number you currently own. (This is also my theory about the correct number of sleepers/pairs of pajamas and the correct number of sippy cups.) Because somehow I could always use a couple more of the medium and large ones. Clearly I over-invested in small containers when she was just starting out with the solids, although at the time it seemed to make sense. And I’m intrigued by bento boxes, but I’d need at least two, right? Because now I have none. But I have so many containers that bento boxes seem redundant. I’m conflicted.

And she is willing to try new things. Lately she’s taken to spaghetti, with Mr. Sandwich’s “extra garlic, basil, oregano, and hot sauce” sauce. We haven’t sent that to day care with her yet, but she does enjoy eating it from a tiny bowl while sitting on the couch. (Now, if we can just keep her from feeding it to the dog…)

Here’s what goes to day care in a typical week: scrambled eggs, fresh fruit (she loves pears, peaches, berries, and melon), sausage, hot dogs, cheese, freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried snap peas, cereal bars. Plus milk.

That seems limited and limiting. She’s got no apparent food allergies, although her pediatrician has us holding off with nuts and shellfish for a while longer (her school is nut-free anyhow). So what else might we throw into the mix?


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5 thoughts on “Mom-to-Mom (or Dad): Lunch Time

  1. Chelsea on said:

    I’d try adding some more veggies and legumes: shelled edamame, cooked carrots, peas, garbanzo beans, etc. Pasta shells dusted with Parmesan might be fun for her. And I’d work on teaching her how to eat a Gogurt, which my kids adored and helped immensely with teething pain.

  2. Great suggestions! She’s done with teething, as far as we can tell, and never had much trouble with it. Even her day care teachers had trouble telling when she had a tooth coming in, because she was never very fussy about it.

  3. Try stirfry. 🙂

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