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Big Sigh, and Giggles

A week from today, Baguette will be 18 months old. I’m pretty sure she’s already turned 2.

Last night, Pajanimals was banished for the evening. Why? Because someone was throwing her food, even after more than one warning. After a while, I said to Mr. Sandwich, “I know I told her no TV, but it’s been long enough that she doesn’t remember throwing her food, and won’t connect the two.” So we decided that what we really meant was that she couldn’t watch what she wanted. I’m not sure how to have penalties that will mean something to her and that she’ll understand–she’s just too young to really understand that her actions have consequences. Yet now is when she needs to start learning, so that she understands it later.

But things got better. She sat on her new bed to read books, and we played on the couch and giggled insanely. I love her laugh so much! And then she started playing with her clothes, trying to put pants on upside down (mind you, she was already wearing pants).

The evening’s highlight for me, though, was when she decided to finish getting ready for bed by putting on her raincoat. Backward.


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