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Food Trucks! Food Trucks!

Grill em' All truck

Ever since Food Network aired the first “Great Food Truck Race,” Mr. Sandwich and I have wanted burgers from the Grill ‘Em All truck. Unfortunately, their lines have always been enormous–not really feasible since Baguette is about as patient as you’d expect a 16-month-old to be.

Nevertheless, we headed up to Northridge Din Din a Go Go with the intention of finally consuming the “Molly Hatchet” burger. Or maybe a “Waste ‘Em All.” Or both. Hosted by the Classic Car Wash at the corner of Reseda and Devonshire, this weekly event provides a variety of food trucks–and actual seating!

We started off with a “Trailer Trash” dog (chili, nacho cheese, Fritos) and freshly fried tater tots from Dogtown Dog, as well as a maple-braised pork crepe from Crepe’n Around. Both hit the spot. The pork had a surprising kick to it; it was spicier than anything I usually associate with crepes, but I’d order it again in a heartbeat.

Next up was Lardon and their Baco Taco. This is a mixture of potatoes and cheddar cheese stuffed into a taco shell made of woven bacon strips. Decadent? Sure. Kind of ridiculous? Definitely. Tasty? For those of us who love bacon, potatoes, and cheese, it’s a sure-fire hit.

To round out the meal (and ourselves), we moved on to The Buttermilk Truck. I’ve wanted to try their morning menu with donuts and pancake bites, and maybe one of these days I will–but they had their Late Night Menu, which meant we overdid with the Buttermilk Brick–a biscuit, hash browns, eggs over easy, and chorizo gravy. It was excellent (although I would have expected a much better biscuit from a truck with “buttermilk” right there in its name), but overwhelming considering how much we’d already eaten.

So we still didn’t make it to Grill ‘Em All (or Lobsta Truck, which was there as well). And I ate so much that I’m still full this morning, which never happens. But most importantly, Baguette stayed asleep and in her stroller until just before we were ready to leave. Because otherwise we would have had to share with her, too.

Photo by standardpixel, via Flickr.


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3 thoughts on “Food Trucks! Food Trucks!

  1. I want a taco made out of bacon strips.

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