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Mom-to-Mom (or Dad): Questions that Need Answers

Here are some things I’m wondering. Yes, I could look them up in books, and I’m doing that, but I’m interested in hearing about real-world parenting.

1) At what age should I put Baguette into stiff-soled shoes? Last month she made the transition from Robeez Soft Soles to Stride Rite‘s “Early Walkers” shoes. Now her daycare says that she’s dragging her feet, and she should be wearing heavier shoes so that she builds up her leg muscles. (Meanwhile, I drag my feet, and I can finish a triathlon. So is this really a big issue, or something to wait out?)

2) Everyone seems to be biting everyone else at day care. What have you done at home to discourage (and end) biting?

3) How much milk should a 16-month-old drink? She’s average for height and weight, and seems to be hitting her developmental milestones as she should, and she’s drinking whole milk. So we’re fine there. But I’m not sure how much milk she should get each day, as opposed to water (we’re still holding off on juice).

I’d love to hear what’s worked for you. Please share!


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6 thoughts on “Mom-to-Mom (or Dad): Questions that Need Answers

  1. Chelsea on said:

    Biting is a phase. They bite because they don’t have the vocabulary to express their frustrations. Someone grabs the toy Baguette wants, and in her head she’s thinking, “My goodness, what a selfish individual.” But she can’t even say the word “jerk” yet, so she bites. Totally natural.

    However, if she bites when you are around, a simple flick on the cheek and a firm “No biting” usually stops the behavior quickly.

    • I think you’re right (and the flick on the cheek seems like a physical cue that can reinforce without hurting her). I also know that sometimes she bites because she’s overtired and excited, and that’s the way it comes out. But it still hurts!

  2. oilandgarlic on said:

    One of my babies has bitten me while cuddling. I swear he just thinks it’s playful, like licking. It’s not a hard bite but it hurts! I almost dropped him! Now I’m a bit wary when he nuzzles his face against my arm.

  3. I disagree with daycare about the shoes. It’s important for toddlers to have a lot of flexibility, and Stride Rite shoes are excellent. You might try contacting Stride Rite for some advice if you have any doubts.

    Haven’t dealt with biting, but when my son did anything he wasn’t supposed to at that age, I simply held him still, looked him in the eyes and said “No, we don’t ___”. Repeat as needed, but don’t dwell. Toddlers can’t understand lengthy reprimands, and if they get a big reaction, they will only want to try it again.

    As for milk, I would say 2 to 3 8-ounce servings per day. My son had an issue with dairy causing constipation until he was 2, so we gave him milk in the morning and before bed only. We’ve stuck to that plan ever since. Once they’re past their first year, most of their nutrition comes from solids, not milk.

    • That’s how I feel about the shoes, too. I understand needing something sturdier than the Robeez now that she’s walking outside so much, but I like that the shoes she’s wearing now give her that flexibility, and still let her have a sense of what’s under her feet–just with a bit more protection. I’m holding off on buying stiffer shoes for now.

      We do a lot of that! Recently she’s developed a love of chairs and sofas, but that requires frequent repetitions of “chairs are for sitting.” If she stands too many times, we take her down.

      Good to know on the milk. It sounds like we’re on track.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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