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Bru’s Wiffle–A Waffle Joint

Don’t ask. I do not know what “wiffle” is supposed to mean. And yes, I checked their website.

Nevertheless, Bru’s Wiffle–A Waffle Joint (BTW, seriously? A subtitle for your restaurant?) serves up some interesting fare. They have dessert waffles (in fact, the menu leads with them–is this their biggest draw, or just a quirk like “wiffle”?), lunch options (they close at 5, so I guess they just can’t tolerate dinner), and breakfast served all day (unless it’s dinnertime).

So I’m snarking the presentation, but how was the food? Pretty good. I’m often underwhelmed by Belgian waffles (so light! so crispy! so flavorless!), but this one wasn’t bad. I ordered the Aloha, which was a waffle topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, and pineapple. I’m not sure the pineapple added a lot–fresh would have been better–but the eggs and bacon were excellent.

Also, it came with the largest mug of coffee I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. So, win-win.


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