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Christmas Redux

Not the way you think. Baguette had a stomach bug that she passed on to Mr. Sandwich, and I developed some sort of nasal congestion/drippy horror that threw me for a loop. We had this exact combo at Christmas, when we traveled half the length of the state to visit Sandwich Pere and Sandwich Belle-mere. At least this time we were local.

Baguette recovered first, and then just as Mr. Sandwich started to get over his version of her bug, he got mine. So now both of us have what has turned out to be a horrible cold, just in time for Baguette’s birthday party this weekend. And because we were sick, we took sick days from work–making this week even shorter than we had planned it to be.

But at least there’s soup. I made another batch of potato-cheese soup, because the last one froze and thawed and kept an edible consistency. And then I made a batch of beef stew, which is what we’ve been eating the last couple of evenings.

Soup, by the way , is easy. You just cut things up and then let them simmer. But let me tell you–when you have a cold, that process is exhausting. And you’re already exhausted. But you just want soup. So you have to choose between rest and soup. (I know there are canned soups. I don’t like them.)

I chose soup. And it is tasty. But, wow, do I wish I had more rest.


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