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Is it just me, or is this blog way too much about food? And yet I don’t feel like there’s enough to call it a food blog. I think it’s mostly that I have no energy (and very little time) for blogging, so I fall back on “where I ate recently.” But the truth is that I really need to stop eating out so much (sadly, most of my meals are eaten at the mediocre deli downstairs from my office), because it costs too much. The baby needs milk (well, formula, because she’s still under a year, but “the baby needs formula” is not a comedy staple)!

And part of why I don’t have energy to blog is the juggling. Not actual juggling, which is so geeky that it’s cool. No, the much less cool metaphorical juggling. I work full-time, am raising a baby, try to maintain some kind of relationship with my friends (Thank you, Facebook! No thanks, family members who refuse to join Facebook.), and have made the questionable decision to pick up a freelance project.

I’m wiped out. So naturally, the question is, “What’s next?”


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2 thoughts on “Focusing

  1. You just stated every reason why my blog is so pathetic, too. Too tired, too overwhelmed, too unimaginative. And Facebook seems to have replaced blogging for those of us who only blogged to communicate with people we already knew, mostly.

    • I think you’re right about that, Chelsea. Although my blog did just make me smile. It’s that time of year when the plug-in for falling snow kicks in, and I always forget about it until I visit and see it drift across my screen.

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