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Blue Plate

Looking for a place to gather together a couple, her brother, his wife, her father and stepmother, and an infant? Maybe you’d like to try Blue Plate, in Santa Monica.

While Mr. Sandwich noted that the pancakes were fairly dry, the scrambled eggs were excellent–cooked, but still moist, and very fluffy. I had the 1/2 wrap (I chose falafel) and cup of soup (split pea), both of which were quite good. Other orders at our table included strawberry-banana pancakes, a salad, some other kind of wrap, and egg whites (they, too, looked very fluffy).

The restaurant is small, with lots of tables, but somehow manages to avoid seeming crowded. At first glance the prices looked high, but when you factor in the portion size and quality, they’re actually pretty reasonable–particularly considering that you’re eating on Montana. Let’s just say it isn’t the neighborhood you go to for a cheap bite. Blue Plate isn’t cheap, either, but I’d say it provides pretty decent value.

Plus they serve breakfast all day. Who doesn’t love breakfast all day?


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