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Anniversaries Galore

One of my friends shared that today is the anniversary of the first time her husband told her that he loved her (this was before they were married–he didn’t wait until after the wedding to let her know).

It is also Mr. Sandwich’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

On top of that, it is the ninth anniversary of the first date that Mr. Sandwich and I went on. (Neither one of us was on our home turf, and we spent ages trying to find a restaurant where we could get steaks. I have no idea where we wound up, but we definitely ate steak, and there were peanut shells on the floor. Also, I know that we were not at Outback Steakhouse.)

Oh, and it’s Cinco de Mayo. Congratulations on your 148th anniversary of defeating France, Mexico! (Why, though, have I not heard of Dieciseis celebrations since leaving my Texas high school in the ’80s? Is there really no love here for Mexican independence? That hardly seems fair. Dieciseis needs a PR campaign!)


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2 thoughts on “Anniversaries Galore

  1. I have not heard the term “Dieciseis celebrations” at all so you are one up on me. I had to look it up.

  2. The fact that this is Cinco de Mayo is the only reason I remember Kevin’s words o’ love! Viva la Mexico!

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