Tragic Sandwich

Food. Family. Fun.

Assorted Thoughts

This is a weekend of dinners with friends. One was here (love the potlucks–even with a small group, it halves the work) and one is out (love eating at someone else’s house–it removes the work). Last night’s meal: steak and fusilli tossed with spinach, olives, and grilled asparagus. Oh, and a cupcake array from Dots in Pasadena. Let me tell you, those are some good cupcakes.

Our dog hates her car carrier. I think we’ll replace it with a dog booster seat that will let her see what’s going on and won’t make her feel confined. Just typing “dog booster seat” feels a little ridiculous, though. I started small, by buying her a harness to keep her safely in the booster seat. She seems to like it; I hope it fits right.

People keep telling me that I don’t look that big. That’s nice, but let me tell you, I feel tremendously pregnant. Changing positions has become a surprisingly difficult undertaking. Thank goodness our couch is so comfortable, since that’s where I’m spending an awful lot of my days lately!

And it has turned out to be a really gorgeous day in the San Fernando Valley.


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