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Rib Ranch Bar-B-Que

Looking for good beef ribs? Rib Ranch Bar-B-Que on Topanga Canyon Boulevard hits the spot. The ribs were meaty and well-cooked; although the sauce is a little too sweet on its own (although better too sweet than too vinegary, if you ask me), it cooks into the meat just about perfectly.

Mr. Sandwich found his roast pork sandwich a little dry–he’s more of a fan of pulled pork–but apparently the pork ribs were also quite tasty.

The service was very good; our server let us know that some large orders were going in shortly, so that we could place ours in advance of those.

By the way, if you’re meeting people there, don’t just stop with the benches in the front room. Beyond the patio there’s another dining room, and your friends may be in there. Especially if it’s cold out, because the back dining room is warmer.

Hearty food and a cozy setting. What more can you ask of a winter meal?


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