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We Know This Dog

The previous owner never claimed her, in spite of numerous signs and online postings, and a week in the shelter (for her, not for us or the owner). So we went back to the shelter and picked her up, after which we found a groomer and a vet. She’s too good a dog to leave behind: well-trained, sweet-natured, and affectionate, and immensely fond of walks and tummy rubs. When she rolls onto her back for one of the aforementioned tummy rubs, she looks like an Ewok. Thus, we have named her Wicket. Why, yes, the Sandwiches are total geeks. Why do you ask?

Both the shelter and the vet estimate that she’s about 12 years old, which may account for her numerous naps. However, if you saw how she bounces when she realizes that you’re going to take her for a walk, you’d never guess that she’s an older dog.

However old she is, we’re really glad that she’s ours. And she seems to be, too.


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