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Not Live from the Emmys

Really? E! can’t be bothered and would rather run Khardashian episodes? What good are they? (And by that, I mean E! and the Khardashians.)

So now I’m watching Victoria Recaño and Sam Rubin on KTLA. I don’t know who they are. Seriously. Where is Ryan Seacrest? Or Lisa Rinna? Is there no love for TV in TV Town?

Actually, no. This isn’t live–Emmys are already being awarded. If it were live, the actual show would be on now, instead of airing at 8 p.m. Because you know East Coasters aren’t staying up until 11 for the Emmys to start.

Jennifer Diroge (sp? no way to know) sure got dressed up to report from in front of a big screen.

I don’t get Julie Benz’s dress. The beading is pretty, but the neckline looks like a one-toothed jack-o-lantern. Also, it’s short. Is anyone else wearing a cocktail dress?

“Who else do we have here?” Genius question, Victoria. She and Sam are happy to be wearing shoes from Off Broadway. Actually, I kind of like that. They’re not actually stars, so it’s nice to see them sporting footwear from a normal-people store.

Tony Shaloub has nothing to say. I say he should have made sure his collar was straight. Then again, it’s just KTLA.

Johnny Galecki is wearing white tie, no tails. He looks pretty good, though, and is saying nice things about his co-stars.

Victoria thinks Entourage should be nominated for best comedy series. Maybe she thinks she’s voting for Season Three.

Commercial break.

Except not, apparently, because we’re talking to someone from Damages and soon-to-be from Trauma. There sure is a lot of TV I don’t watch, and don’t want to watch.

Elisabeth Moss has a dress with a shade of mauve that looks quite nice on her. The heavy jeweled neckline suits neither her nor the dress, though.

Now there’s a commercial break.


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