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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

You can follow me on Twitter. But you knew that, because there’s a link in the right-hand column.

Who do I follow? A variety of people and organizations, naturally. After all, it is Twitter. Included in that variety is a growing number of food trucks. While I have yet to patronize any of them (although, as you recall, I tried to last week), that’s only because they haven’t been near an area I’m in at a time that I’m in that area. If you follow my meaning.

At any rate, here are some L.A.-area food trucks that I follow on Twitter and hope to eat at soon:

Grilled Cheese Truck: this is a new entry, but what’s not to love? I mean, it’s grilled cheese!

Don Chow Tacos: Chinese food. In a taco. Will I love it or hate it? The only way to know is to try it.

Nom Nom Truck
: This is the truck that didn’t show up as expected last week. The sandwiches sound great. I hope they’ll be back soon!

Get Shaved: I found this thanks to Nom Nom Truck’s Tweets. Frankly, I’m surprised that Hawaiian shaved ice hasn’t made a bigger splash on the mainland. Sno-cones just can’t compare.

Sprinklesmobile: Cupcakes. From Sprinkles. On a truck. I’m a bigger fan of Susiecakes, but they don’t have a truck.

Kogibbq: The granddaddy of them all, the food truck that made food trucks famous. If you don’t count all of the actual taco trucks and lunch wagons that came before it. But how many of them specialized in Korean BBQ?

Calbi BBQ: Following in the footsteps of Kogi. Or not. I won’t know until I’ve tried them both. And even if I know, will I care? That’s why I need to try both. No need to set up a specious Star Trek/Babylon 5 feud when both offerings may be delightful.

Coolhaus: Looking for a dessert that isn’t a cupcake? I hear their ice cream sandwiches are fantastic. And I do love a good ice cream sandwich.

So have you tried any of these? Share your thoughts–and let me know if there are other trucks I should be following.


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One thought on “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

  1. beersearchparty on said:

    Sean tried the Coolhuas truck and loved it. He brought me home the edible wrapper (ah, true love) which I ate. Tasted like a thin communion wafer.

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