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Las Fuentes

Tonight we went to Las Fuentes. The restaurant has an unusual setup; you stand in line to order and pick up your food at the counter when your number is called. There are plenty of tables for people who want to eat in; those who are getting food to go just mill around by the counter.

Our summary: great to-go packaging. Food? Not what we’d hoped.

Mr. Sandwich had one of the “gringo-style” burritos that came with more ingredients than the menu suggested. I had a festival of tacos so that I could sample several options. Of them, I recommend the taco de carne con queso, which was flavorful and not dry.

On the other hand, the beans were quite good. I’m delighted to find more than one place that serves actual refritos, complete with cheese.

I also had a tamal dulce, because I cannot resist the allure of the sweet tamale. This isn’t bad, but I’m not sure it’s what I was looking for.

I suppose we might go back, but we’d definitely order different items.

And I still want to eat tacos off a truck.


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