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Beep Beep

Beeps is one of many cooked-to-order fast food places, not just in the Valley but in L.A. generally. The menu is enormous, with everything from hot dogs to burritos.

With that many options, naturally Mr. Sandwich and I each had a chili cheese dog, and split a large order of fries. The verdict? The chili cheese dog was okay, but not amazing (it could have used more chili, which I almost never say), and we should have ordered a smaller portion of fries. Why? The fries were quite good, but a large is enormous. We could have been happy splitting a smaller order–and I say this as someone who loves potatoes so much that she once gave them up for Lent. Mr. Sandwich found his chocolate shake to be quite creamy, and I enjoyed my black cherry shake–although again, I would have been happy with a smaller size.

Beeps also serves breakfast. Since I have yet to find a good breakfast diner, I’d go back and see how the pancakes are. Hmm . . . there’s a three-day weekend coming up . . .


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