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Grooming Tips from Steve Carrell

Joey Fatone is asking for some.

Hate Cameron Diaz’s dress, as usual. But her shoes are cute.

Yesterday I went shopping and saw a dress that had an oddly prominent zipper, as if it had been put in inside out (it had not). Today Renee Zellweger is wearing a dress with a similarly odd zipper (shiny gold, against a black gown). This is not a good trend.

I refuse to learn who the Jonas Brothers are.

Joey Fatone is yelling at Cameron Diaz. He wonders why she’s not listening to him. I am not wondering.

“It’s been an amazing, amazing movie. I don’t really understand…could you tell us what the film’s about?” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Joey Fatone!

“Okay, I’m here with Debra Mess…Debra Metsing…and I was just telling her ‘I want to be you in another life.’ I do,” says Lisa Rinna.

America Ferrara always looks fantastic. I love the dresses she picks for award shows. And Salma Hayek–well, she’s Salma Hayek. That pale beige shade is a little boring, though, even if the dress itself is lovely.

Rita Wilson is shiny!

Joey and Lisa are talking to each other. So I guess we’re done.


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