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Tacos Corona

The Valley is full of strip-mall taquerias. I will never be able to try them all. But that won’t stop me from trying a lot of them.

First up, for no particular reason other than I drove by it at lunchtime: Tacos Corona.

You order at the counter–at least, I did, since I was getting food to go–but there are tables in a surprisingly attractive seating area. I got three tacos: asada, carnitas, and fish.

The tacos were small, like street tacos, which makes sense considering the low per-taco price. I thought the asada and fish were good, if a tiny bit spicy for me. The carnitas was disappointing; it might be fine as roast pork, but it just didn’t seem like carnitas.

Still, this was a place to get a good, cheap meal in just a few minutes. Not bad at all.


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