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Golden City Restaurant

We’ve discovered a very useful corner not too far from our new home. Because I can’t live without Chinese food, I am delighted to have found some that–on first acquaintance–is quite tasty.

Golden City Restaurant isn’t fancy, but it does have several banquettes. That means it is more of a restaurant than I expected it to be; when you drive by, it looks like a place that has only a to-go counter.

Not that this would matter, since so far we’ve only gotten food to go, and have not eaten in the restaurant. However, I can say that the walnut shrimp is really good, and the black bean sauce is tasty (Mr. Sandwich ate all of the chicken and left the bell peppers and onions, which he doesn’t care for. I do like them, and ate them as leftovers tonight.) The cashew chicken is also very good, and that’s a dish that normally leaves me shrugging. I’d order it again here, though, and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about cashew chicken before.

So far, the only dish that I wouldn’t revisit is the sweet and sour chicken. And by extension, I suppose, the sweet and sour pork. The sauce is just too tangy and sharp.

Still, there are plenty of options remaining. I have no doubt we’ll be back.


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