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Oz, not Kansas

Mr. Sandwich and I have had white walls for ages. First individually, in our respective apartments, and then after we got married in our shared apartment (the aforementioned crappy one, which we are shortly to depart).

So we’re really enjoying the prospect of choosing our wall colors. In fact, we’ve already done so–the paint is purchased, and the walls in the house are washed, patched, sanded, and primed. Today (with the help of my friend S., who is so awesome that she volunteered at least three times to help paint) we start to work with the actual colors!

The kitchen is going to be the same Sunnyside yellow in Dutch Boy that we have in our apartment kitchen (a result of its crappiness; plumbing repairs required holes in the wall, and while they did patch after several weeks, they never came back to paint–so we did). We love this color, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to our new home.

The bedroom is going to be Behr’s Monaco, a blue that is not quite Wedgwood blue. It’s lighter than that, but still strong. After all those white walls, we don’t want to have dark colors–but we don’t want anemic colors either.

The living room gave us a little trouble, because we couldn’t get the color we wanted (another Dutch Boy) in their low-VOC paint, which has been discontinued in order to roll out another low-VOC paint that won’t be available in time for us. So we wound up with Behr’s Butter Cookie, which we think will provide a unifying background to the colorful furniture, rugs, art, etc. that we have.

The front bedroom will be Behr’s Arizona. This is the only color I’m not sure about. The dollop on the lid of the can seems very apricot-y, and on the card it looked deeper and warmer. We’ll see what it looks like when we get it on the walls.

The smaller back bedroom, the bathrooms, and the hallway will remain white, because we do like white bathrooms and hallways, and we don’t know how we’re going to use the third bedroom long-term.

Is it ironic or Freudian that we forgot to buy white paint?


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