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Ping Pong

There has been a lot of back-and-forth. A lot of back-and-forth.

First there were the multiple offers we had to submit, first in increasing amounts and then, weirdly, in decreasing amounts. (Then they increased again.)

Next, we identified a closing date. Then the seller’s lender specified a different closing date. Then we moved the date up. Then we moved it back. Then it turned out that the seller’s other lender had specified an earlier date. Then the two lenders agreed on a different date. Then we chose a date, and then the current occupant couldn’t move out in time. Then he could.

So you can imagine our surprise when, after signing loan papers and FedExing a very large cashier’s check to our escrow agent, the seller’s lender(s?) announced that there would be no close of escrow until the tenant had moved out.

Why do they care whether the tenant moves out, you ask? Good question. And it turns out that they don’t. They cared that the cashier’s check hadn’t arrived. Except that it had. So we have no idea why they chose to express concern about the check as concern about the tenant’s move-out date.

But in the end, we’re closing on Friday. I hope it sticks.


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2 thoughts on “Ping Pong

  1. Ech. This is why we’re living in our house until we die. Escrow and moving and all that is the biggest pain ever.

  2. tragicsandwich on said:

    A lot of this has got to stem from the nature of a short sale. But “short” has nothing to do with the timeframe.

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