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Stumbling Around

I’ve been exploring those little widgets that a lot of sites have at the bottom of articles. Not all of them turned out to be particularly interesting, but I’ve become instantly addicted to one.

StumbleUpon lets you identify your interests, and then shows you websites that correspond to the topics you’ve chosen. In one day, I’ve been introduced to the Encyclopedia of Spices, Writing Realistic Injuries, and the Random Title Generator. Now I want to write a book titled “Darkness of the Misty.” I think it’s a guaranteed best-seller.

It wasn’t all stumbling today. J and I were planning to go to the pool, and then in the late afternoon we got a thunderstorm. Now, it does rain in Southern California, in spite of the song–generally in the winter, which is our traditional rainy season. But thunder and lightning are very rare at any time of year. This afternoon we got downpours, noise, and a light show. Naturally, the pool was closed. And then the storm passed, and by the time we got to the pool it had re-opened. It turned out to be a wonderful time to swim, because very few people were in the pool.

Now the air outside feels cool and clean, and inside I have lots of websites to explore. What could be better?


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