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Swimming in Circles

So a month and a half later, or something like that, we still haven’t gotten back to the pool. Tonight, that changes. Here’s hoping I remember how to swim.

Good news, however–a couple of weeks ago we were in the Bay Area and drove over to Pacific Grove to check out the course. The bay is less protected than I was expecting, and incredibly full of kelp. In fact, it’s so kelpy that I think I’m going to have to rely on breaststroke as much as freestyle. Better train for both.

Which doesn’t sounds like good news, but that’s what comes next. We drove the bike course, and it’s ideal. Not only is it along the coast, which is rugged and beautiful, but it’s almost entirely flat! So my fears of biking downhill will not need to be confronted–at least, not on a deadline. Seriously, it’s like my dream bike ride.

And then I’ll just need to walk 2 miles.


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